Ace Load Testing

NATA accredited compliance Inspection and Testing of your lifting and rigging equipment.

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Lifting Equipment Compliance Inspection & Reporting


ACE offers Inspection & load Testing to help you fulfil the requirements of maintenance, compliance and safety in the workplace.  ACE's mobile facilities are equipped to inspect, repair, service and load test your lifting equipment onsite, which means you have NO down time.

Total Asset Management & Advice

Ace offers a full asset management reporting system, and our database records every time we have inspected at your workplace. Each item is stamped or labelled with its own unique asset number and can be tracked from site to site. Full reports will be provided to you at the completion of the inspection. During the course of a normal day, we find plenty of dangerous items being used in industry and we repair it and return it to service or we retire it for good.

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Design & Manufacturing

Ace offers design and fabrication solutions to assist with lifting requirements, Our range includes lifting beams, personnel cages, pipe dreams, pole stands and other unique purpose built items. Our design and engineering teams have years of expertise and are happy to assist you in finding a solutions for the trickiest scenario or the tightest of locations.

Destructive Testing

Destructive testing can assist to determine service life and to detect design weakness that may not show up under normal working conditions. Our mechanical testing capabilities enable us to not only conduct proof load testing,  but also to perform destructive testing up to 200 Tonnes, to ensure that the calculations you design engineer has presented, and your fabrication methods and material quality are accurate and true. This provides you with the final piece of information enabling you to make quality decisions regarding your quality products.

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Post Inspection Replacement Items

If during your programmed inspection, we discover any item that is no longer suitable for safe use and needs to be removed from service, it is tagged out with a vibrant red danger tag and can be replaced swiftly and added to your current inspection report. 
You can also purchase replacement or additional items by calling one of our sales teams or visiting one of our retail stores.

Mechanical Scope

ISO / IEC   17025 : 2005

Inspection Scope

ISO / IEC 17020 : 2012

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